What a Broken Heart…And a Four-Year-Old Child…Can Teach Parents About Falling in Love with Each Other Forever…

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To make your family strong, romance is the key

Dear Friend and Fellow Parent

You may be shocked to learn that by the time I was only four years old, a very special person in my short life...one of my own parents...had already broken my heart. Like all children, from a very early age, I carefully watched my parents...what they did together, how they spoke to one another, even how they touched each other...just like your kids watch you.

Late one afternoon, as I walked down the hallway to the den, I saw my Dad, sitting in his recliner as he usually did, reading his daily newspaper. I started to walk over to his chair, but then I saw my Mom moving toward him from the kitchen, the slightest trace of a smile gracing her lovely face, her pretty print housedress rustling slightly as she walked.

I paused just outside the door and watched them.

Mom leaned down and gave Dad an affectionate and tender hug, then brushed her lips gently across his forehead as she stood up. I held my breath, silently praying they wouldn't see me and waited in delicious anticipation for my father's response.

But Dad just kept on reading his newspaper as if nothing had ever happened.

At that exact moment...right before dinner on a Sunday afternoon, my young heart shattered into a million little pieces. I had so longed to see my Dad hug my mother back, to return just a little of the affection and respect she so obviously had for him.

It never happened.

I vowed right then, standing and looking at my mom's sad face as she walked slowly back to the kitchen to finish making dinner; I would never, ever get married. You see, I never wanted to experience the awful rejection that I had silently witnessed on that Sunday afternoon.

As the years passed, Dad continuously reminded my mom that he was king of his castle, the commander...the chief. And day after day, she continued to run the household, cooking our meals, washing our clothes, cleaning the floors...her expression growing sadder by the day, her shoulders a little more slumped. I never saw her again try to express any affection for Dad.

By the time I was ten, I had already picked a fight with every boy in my fifth grade. In my little girl mind I thought, "I'm never 'gonna' let one of these dumb bunny boys boss me around."

The years flew by.

At 18, I entered the convent...six years later, I left.

Over all those years, the question that always tugged at the back of my mind and that I longed to have answered was this...

"Can couples really stay in love and live fulfilling lives together?"

Then one day, when I least expected it, my entire world turned upside down. A wonderful, gentle, and strong young man named Jim came into my life and I was struck by that thunderbolt called love.

Married now for 40 years, I finally know the answer to my question.

In case you don't know who I am, my name is Jean Tracy and for more than 20 years I've worked as a professional marriage and family counselor with countless couples who are looking to rekindle the flame of romance and reignite their passion for one another.

My passion is to help couples who are also parents...perhaps a parent just like you, to strengthen your commitment to your partner, to assist you in learning how to solve problems together, to teach you to truly value each other and take mutual responsibility for your relationship…

Plus show you how you can experience a closeness that you would never have believed possible...in short, to facilitate the transformation of both you and your spouse into loving, intimate partners, whose rock-solid security in your marriage provides a safe, nurturing, stable environment for your children...an environment where every member of your family can grow and find fulfillment, not only as members of the family unit, but as the unique and precious individuals you are.

I wrote "Parents in Love ~ 121 Dating Ideas" for you. Inside you'll find the keys to creating romance in your marriage and making your family strong.

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Chapter 1

Discover 5 Secrets from Long-Time Lovers that Will Strengthen Your Bond with your Partner

I interviewed 5 loving couples. They had to be married at least 20 years. Each answered one question - "What's the bond that keeps you together?" From those interviews you'll find out:

Chapter 2

5 Marriage Traps You Must Escape!

If you're caught in these marriage traps, you must escape. Inside Chapter 2 you'll meet 5 real couples who made major mistakes. Don't follow in their footsteps. Find out:

Chapter 3

Use This Formula to Create Love Magic Every Time

This formula takes nothing for granted. Use it with each other and feel the magic. It will show each of you how to:

Chapter 4

Learn These 21 Dating Tips to Increase Respect and Deepen Your Love

If little things mean a lot, these tips mean everything. You'll discover the golden nuggets of goodness within each other and love being together. Practice these secret tips to:


Enjoy Our 89 Romantic Dates. Most Won't Cost You a Penny

These simple dating coupons will keep your love glowing. Cut out each dating coupon on the dotted lines. Put them in a special box. Pick a new date each week. Enjoy your time together as you become "Parents in Love" forever. These dating cards offer you:

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What parents and professionals say about Parents in Love ~ 121 Dating Ideas

"Jean Tracy's marriage secrets from long-time lovers opened my eyes. We're learning how to deepen our marriage bond and enjoy our marriage. We're already practicing 2 of Mark and Michele's 4 marriage rules. It feels good to solve our problems together too."
- Jennifer Williams

"Jean's true marriage trap stories showed me how easy it is to fall into bad habits. Jean asks the right questions and gives the right solutions. I'm now better at choosing what to say and how to say it. Our relationship has already improved."
- Kelly Street

"Jean shared 3 problems from her own marriage. Her magic formula helped her communicate and it's helping us too. I know my partner feels good every time I use her formula."
- Carrol Deharnais

"I learned how to apply Jean's 21 dating tips to my marriage. Once I practiced a few with my husband I could feel our relationship deepen. Now we have practical tools to keep our love fresh. Thanks, Jean."
- Michele Suiter

"We chose Friday as our date night. In this tough economy Jean's low to no-cost dating ideas make it easy for us to have fun together without straining our budget. I look forward to our date nights. Our children feel more secure knowing we love and enjoy each other."
- Andrea Diaz

"I just finished reading your book "Parents in Love" and I really enjoyed it. You site great examples of very common problems that exist between couples along with excellent solutions as well. The book closes with plenty of unique dating ideas, which is always good to keep a marriage fresh and healthy."
- Timothy Smith, Creator, www.Smile-Therapy.com

"As a Mental Health Therapist who works with couples, I have found Jean's "Parents in Love" a practical resource for helping parents. Jean emphasizes that, "Parents who love and respect each other provide emotional security for their children." Sharing this truth with the parents in my practice has been a huge motivator in helping them make time for each other."
- Rebecca Fuller, Marriage Counselor - www.fullercounseling.com

"Jean Tracy's right on target when she says lovers make the best parents. In my counseling practice I've often seen couples who divorced because they put so much into their children, there wasn't energy left over for their marriage. It's not 'selfish' to put your marriage first. Jean's date night ideas are perfect for parents who might be short on creative energy but want to keep their spark alive and the foundation of their family."
- Claire Hatch, MSW is author of the "Rock Solid" 12-Week Marriage Counseling Program

"I love these powerful ideas to keep love alive while raising children"
- Sharon Pahlka, MSW, counselor, author, and speaker - www.lifeisagift.com

"Jean Tracy's low to no- cost dates is a wonderful tool I use to help parents reconnect and rediscover the romance in their lives. In particular, my clients appreciate the "Date Night" coupons, exchanging them as loving gifts to each other. I look forward to ordering and using other products by Jean Tracy in my practice and will recommend them to other professionals."
- Suzanne M. Snyder, MA, Psychotherapist - www.suzannemsnyder.com

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Parents in Love Journal ~ 21 Dating Tips for a Sizzling Romance

By Jim Tracy, PhD

This journal is the perfect complement to "Parents in Love." It's written by my husband, Jim, also a marriage counselor. This journal is fun, easy, and ready to use. It will become your treasured keepsake of how you became "Parents in Love" forever.

Let This Dating Tip Journal Help You:


Parents in Love ~ 19 Love Poems for Your Romantic Dating

Imagine sharing romantic love poems from the greatest poets of all time. Read one poem per date. Think about it. Discuss it. Talk about your feelings. Let these poems help you:


Parents in Love ~ 21 Love Songs for Your Romantic Dating

These romantic love songs were famous hits from 1900 - 1922. Enjoy the words your great grandparents sang to each other. Notice whether the feelings expressed between lovers then, fit you as lovers today. Let these love songs help you:

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I'm confident that you'll get such value from Parents in Love ~ 121 Dating Ideas that I make this guarantee: If, after reading the content, practicing the dating tips, and using the dating suggestions, you're not completely satisfied with the value of this guide, send me an email telling me why (because I value your feedback) at JeanTracy@KidsDiscuss.com and I'll give you a complete refund.

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