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These Family Fun Ideas Build Character!

By Jean Tracy, MSS

These 3 fun activities strengthen families and you can use them to strengthen yours. If you want to build character with laughter, co-operation, and loving feelings in your family, keep reading.

Inside this idea you'll find a special activity that will bond your family with words:

1. Design and Display a Family Poster. Put the name of each family name in a box. Each person picks the name of a family member to draw and cut out. Don't tell anyone whom you picked. When the members are done drawing and cutting, take turns telling 3 good things about the person you drew and have the family guess who. Add the cut-outs and make other decorations to create your family poster.

This family activity pulls members together. Hearing good things about each other creates warm feelings. The person who gives the compliments will be treasured by the one who received the compliments. Adding each cut out to the poster and displaying it will be a reminder to all of the meaning of family.

The following family activity brings laughter, music, and cooperation together in building family character:

2. Hold a family music night. Each member chooses whether he or she wants to sing, dance, clap, whistle or play an instrument to different songs. When one song is finished, each member is to exchange methods of music making. Keep playing and exchanging until everyone has tried every method.

Turn on the music. Let your family feel the rhythm. Don't worry if they giggle, encourage it. Laughing together is the key to family joy.

This family activity takes a little planning so choose it a week in advance and give each member time to plan:

3. Hold an entertainment night. It could include individual or group talent. Members might read a favorite poem, tell jokes, sing, or put on a play. Choose an announcer with a pretend microphone. (A hair brush is good.) Either tape or video record your event. End with a tasty treat.

This family activity will open your eyes. You'll marvel at what each member can do. Since you're creating a loving family no one needs to feel embarrassed. Entertaining within the family is great preparation for being expressive and fun outside the family.

Conclusion for Building Character with Family Fun:

Children who feel confident, close, and loving within their families bring that joy to others. They'll be willing to join in classroom activities. Their teachers will appreciate them. Other children will seek their company. Building character with family fun creates cherished memories too.


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