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Parenting Skills ~ The 3 Best Affirmations for Raising Self Esteem

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Do you ever regret the words you say? Would you like to tell your child the best affirmations ever? Inside you'll find the top 3 affirmations for raising self esteem and your parenting skills too.

Childhood Wisdom:

Wendy, age 7, yelled at her older brother. She even stuck her tongue out. Her mother saw her and warned, "Don't stick your tongue out, Wendy!" "But Mom, I didn't. I just opened my mouth and it fell out." - Grace Householder

Opening our mouths can help or hinder our parenting skills. Most of us say things we regret. Some of us fret, "I didn't mean it. I hope my son forgets what I said." Below are 3 affirmations you'll never regret and your child will never forget.

First Parenting Affirmation:

"I enjoy hearing your thoughts." These words respect your child. They encourage him to be a thinker. They develop his highest powers. Let's say you and your son, Jacob, are talking. Here are 3 possible ways to make these words better by being specific:

"I enjoy hearing your thoughts because you're a good thinker."
"I enjoy hearing your thoughts because you have sense of humor.
"I enjoy hearing your thoughts because you often see things differently from others."

Affirming how your child thinks is affirming his highest ability. Telling him specifically why you enjoy his thoughts boosts his desire to think even more. His self esteem will rise because of your recognition.

Second Parenting Affirmation:

Admiring your child's decision making skills encourages her to make even better choices. You might say, "I admire your decisions." Pretend your daughter, Leslie, is choosing to do her homework instead of playing. To make this affirmation even better be specific. Here are 3 possible affirmations you could say:

"I admire your decisions because you think before you act."
"I admire your decisions because you consider the feelings of others."
"I admire your decisions because you choose to do the right thing."

What child wouldn't like to get this feedback? Good thinking leads to good decisions. Making good choices is one of the best things a person can do. Your compliments are sure to raise her self-esteem.

Third Parenting Affirmation:

The next affirmation touches your child's heart. It compliments his ability to love. Being a loving person is the highest level of becoming a person. You could say, "I'm proud of your loving heart." Imagine your son, Josh, is sharing a good deed. Here are 3 specific affirmations to promote your child's ability to love:

"I'm proud of your loving heart because you help others with your kind words."
"I'm proud of your loving heart because you watch over your brother and sister."
"I'm proud of your loving heart because you handle our pets with care.

See your child smiling inside and wanting to be even more loving. The ability to love is the greatest gift your child can give others. Your affirmation will increase his love and self esteem.

Affirmations and Self-Esteem Conclusion:

Affirmations that compliment your child's thoughts, decisions, and loving abilities will be remembered. You'll be complimenting the best in your child and boosting self esteem. The next time you open your mouth don't let your tongue fall out. Rather use positive affirmations that will be remembered. You're child will grow and you will too.


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