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Parenting Skills ~ Child Discipline Quiz

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Do you have trouble with child discipline? You do if you're too harsh or too easy. Inside you'll find a child discipline quiz to help you decide.

Parents, this is not a trick quiz. It is a discussion quiz. Discuss the questions with your spouse, your partner, or your friend. Find out what they would do. Share what you would do. Decide if you're too harsh or too easy.

What do you do when your child:

    Your child breaks a toy?
    Won't eat the dinner you fixed?
    Leaves toys around the house?
    Punches a brother or sister?
    Hogs the telephone?
    Spills something on the floor?
    Tracks mud in the house?
    Comes home late?
    Fights in the car?
    Leaves toys outside in the rain?
    Won't do chores?
    Calls kids bad names?
    Rolls eyes and won't listen to you?
    Talks to you disrespectfully?

Child Discipline Summary:

As you can see, no right or wrong answer has been offered. Rather, let me make a suggestion. Be balanced in your approach to child discipline.

Parenting requires skills most of us never learned. Some of us think if we act harshly, scream, yell, or lecture, our kids will stop their annoying behaviors forever. Experience tells us that none of these tactics work for very long. In fact, they cause anger, fear, and resentment in our kids. Remember Hitler and Stalin? Both of them had harsh parents.

What's more, if we're too easy on our kids, they may feel entitled, lack consideration for others, and become selfish. Some of us think if we let things go we'll avoid fights and our kids will love us. We may avoid fights but being too easy doesn't bring love. In fact, it could bring disrespect. So what's a parent to do?

Think of a measuring stick. One side measures kind parenting and the other firm parenting. Now add numbers to both sides from 1 to 10. To be balanced in your parenting, keep your kindness and your firmness between 4 and 7. Don't be harsh and don't be wimpy either. Be kind, firm, and consistent and you'll be just right. If you do, you'll be loved, respected, and you'll be raising kids with character too.


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