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5 Parenting Tips ~ Building Character in Kids with the Law of Attraction

By Jean Tracy, MSS

If life feels like a burden and you'd rather have fun, you can. Find out how to enjoy your kids, honor your responsibilities, and create beautiful outcomes.

Life is time. Using precious time to raise negative kids is a waste of time. Raising kids to be positive thinkers is time well spent. So how can you build a career, take care of household chores, and raise quality children too?

Develop the power of a positive attitude. Use your positive hopes, dreams, and thoughts to attract good things to your life and to theirs. This is the law of attraction.

Here's the secret:

How you live your life greatly affects your thoughts, your moods, and your actions. Many people think of themselves as victims, enjoy dark thoughts, and feel exhausted. They may even experience a weird pleasure in feeling sorry for themselves. They convince themselves they can't win. They convince themselves not to try. They experience failure. Henry Ford once said, "If you think you can't, you're right."

It's hard to enjoy your kids with such a mind-set. If you're negative, they'll be negative. If you're a victim, they'll be a victim. If you feel sorry for yourself, they'll feel the same way.

You don't have to be gloomy. You don't have to raise a gloomy child either. You can shape your child's thoughts into positive attitudes. The first step is to be positive yourself.

5 Parenting Tips for Building Your Character with the Law of Attraction:

Tally your thoughts. Each day find out how often you think negatively. Don't try to make a change yet. Just tally and measure how long you let those negative thoughts take charge of your mind. Do you stomp them out immediately or savor them for several minutes, or let them fester in your mind all day?

Make a Decision. You can spend your life being a victim. You can urge people to pity you, or you can make a change. You can take charge of your mind. You can create a purposeful life with positive thoughts. If you choose to think positively, keep reading.

Create a powerful pleasant goal thought. This thought must be strong enough to stomp out your negative thoughts. Consider thinking of being, feeling, and acting positive with your kids. Your powerful positive goals thought must be something you really want.

Yell "Stop!" then Switch. Yell "Stop" inside your head the next time you catch yourself wallowing in sad, guilty, or angry thoughts. Switch to your positive goal thought for 30 seconds. Then tell yourself, "I am in control." You'll be too. You'll be in control of your own mind.

Practice the power of positive thinking every day. Turn negative thoughts into pleasant powerful thoughts. Develop a winning attitude.

Model your positive attitude. Show your kids how you're attracting good things into your life. Teach them how to be positive thinkers too.

Parenting Tips Conclusion:

Use your time and your life well. Develop a positive attitude. Teach your children to develop one too. Show them the 5 tips above. If you do, you'll attract beautiful outcomes for yourself. Your children will too. Both of you will be living the law of attraction. You'll be building character too. I know you can. I believe in you.


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