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Parents as Teachers ~ 5 Parenting Activities for Promoting Your Baby's Development

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Your baby is your miracle. Your baby is ready to learn and you are the teacher. Inside you'll find 5 parenting activities to help her grow.

5 Parenting Activities to Do with Your Baby:

1. Talk to your baby often. Answer her coos, gurgles, and smiles. Repeat the her baby sounds. Talk, touch, and smile back. Get her to look at you. Soon she'll start smiling and cooing whenever she sees you. You are promoting your baby's development. You are creating the foundation for her speaking and social interaction. You are the teacher.

2. Play simple talking and touching games with your baby. Ask, "Where's your nose?" Then touch his nose and say playfully, "There's your nose!" Do this several times, then switch to an ear or knee or his tummy. Stop when he or you grow tired of the game. You are teaching him words. You are promoting your baby'a development. He'll need words for speaking and reading later on. You are the teacher. He wants to learn from you.

3. Change the game by touching her nose or ear and repeating the word for it several times. Do this with objects, too. When she hears you name something over and over again, she begins to connect the sound with what it means. She's beginning to understand you. You are promoting her development. You are the parent and you are the teacher.

4. Do things that interest your baby. Vary your tone of voice, make funny faces, sing lullabies, and recite simple nursery rhymes. Play peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake." Have fun promoting your baby's development.

5. Share books with your baby. Cardboard or cloth books with simple pictures of things that babies are familiar with are best. Lift-the-flap, touch-and-feel, or peek-through play books start him on the road to becoming a reader because you are the parent and you are the teacher.

Baby Activities Conclusion:

The next time you'd like to have fun with your baby, consider the above parenting activities. Your baby will love connecting with you, playing with you, and learning from you. Enjoy being with your little miracle because you are your baby's favorite teacher.


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