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Parenting Tips ~ 5 Simple Rules that Build Character in Kids

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Would you like parenting to be easier? If there were 5 simple rules to teach your kids character, would you teach them? Inside you'll find those simple rules.

My friend, Tim Smith from SmileTherapy.com, sent me these character building rules. Tim wrote that someone said,

"Bad habits should be corrected in the high chair, not the electric chair." ~ anonymous

If you teach the following rules to your children, they'll be a delight to live with. Your friends will notice and wish their kids were thoughtful too.

5 Parenting Tips that Build Character in Kids:

If you sleep on it, you make it up. Whether it's a sleeping bag, a bed, or something else, wouldn't it be pleasant having your child make it instead of you?

If you wear it, you hang it up. No more stooping over to pick your child's clothes off the floor. How many times have you felt exasperated because of messy bedroom floors, or coats dropped as soon as they were unzipped?

If you drop it, you pick it up. Remember the last time you saw your child drop his tinker toys and run out to play? When he takes the time to clean up after himself, life becomes so much easier for you. He learns self-discipline too.

If you lay it down, you put it away. Whether it's a book, a doll, or a dirty napkin, your child needs to put it away. Imagine the sense of order your child will learn as he puts things where they belong.

If you eat out of it, you wash it. How do you like coming home to dirty dishes in the sink on the counter and the table? How do you feel? When the counter and sink are clean, do you feel more like starting dinner?

Parenting Tips Conclusion:

These 5 simple rules build character in kids. They're easy to do and they'll increase teamwork within your family. Why not write them out and post them on the refrigerator? Talk about them at family meetings. You can chart them too. If you teach your kids these rules from the high chair you'll never have to worry about the electric chair. You'll enjoy your kids and others will too.


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