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Self-Esteem – 3 Love Notes from Parents

By Jean Tracy, MSS

How would you like to receive a love note under your pillow? Would you smile? Would you sleep tight? Inside you'll find 3 love notes to put under your child's pillow.

Childhood Humor:

A little girl yawned at the breakfast table. Her mother asked, "Did you have a good sleep?"

"No, I never sleep at night," she answered.

"What did you do all night?" asked her mother.

"I just lie there and watch my dreams."

To make sure your child's dreams are pleasant, consider putting love notes under her pillow.

3 Love Notes for Your Child:

First Love Note ~Your smile brightened my day today. When I went to work I saw your smiling face. It touched my heart and I smiled back at you. Your smile is a treasure. The more you smile the happier I am. Your smile brightens all who see you. Keep on smiling.

Second Love Note ~ You make me feel warm inside when you hug me. I love how you run to me with a hug when you come home from school. I feel so good inside. I love hugging you back. Let's always be huggers.

Third Love Note ~ I appreciate when you kiss me before bedtime. It's a beautiful way to end our day. You are such a loving person. It is a joy to be your parent.

Self-Esteem and the Power of Love Notes:

Love Notes deepen the bond between you and your child. Love is what your child craves. When you give your child a love note you make her happy. Your child will look forward to going to bed. Imagine knowing a love note is waiting for you under your pillow. Your son will probably ask himself, "Is there a love note waiting for me? What will it say?"

Love notes increase self-esteem. They let your child know she is lovable. Knowing she is lovable is the essential ingredient for feeling good about herself.

Children like pleasing positive parents. Your child will increase the behaviors in your love notes. When a love note tells him what you like, he'll give you more.

Don't be surprised if you receive love notes too. Children love to express their feelings about you. Love notes from them to you will probably include a big red heart of two.


Love notes are easy to create. They offer meaningful rewards. Hide love notes under your child's pillow. Make him smile and sleep tight. He'll enjoy lying there all night watching his pleasant dreams.


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