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Self-Esteem and Character ~ 5 Helpful Questions for Parents

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Would you like to build self-esteem in your child? Would you like to build character too? Inside you'll find 5 self-esteem questions and 5 answers that tell you how.

Self-Esteem Quote:

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrake on. – Maxwell Maltz

Good parenting helps kids take that handbrake off and move forward. The following parenting questions suggest 5 ways to raise self-esteem and build character too.

Self-Esteem and Character Building Questions:

Do I say, "I love you," every day?

Saying "I love you," helps your child feel lovable. Feeling lovable is a wonderful gift. This affirmation helps your child build character by feeling positive toward others too.

Do I give my child honest affirmations?

Dishonest praise lies to your child. It tells him what he does is great when he knows it isn't. His head either swells with pride or he stops believing what you say. You honest praise is easy for him to accept and enjoy.

Do I give my child specific affirmations for specific deeds every day?

The best praise is specific. Even if you can't praise your child's complete effort, you can find the part that is good. Your child will believe you when you praise that part.

Do I avoid ending my praise with criticism?

The best way to ruin your praise is to end it with criticism. "Shelley, you drew this house well, but what happened to these people? They look funny." Guess what your child hears?

Do I stop myself from being harsh and critical?

Don't tell yourself, "I must criticize him for his own good." Don't believe it. Your criticism will discourage him. He may even stop trying which isn't a good character trait. Criticism doesn't motivate. Praise does.

Self-Esteem and Character Conclusion:

If you answered the above questions with a whole-hearted, "Yes," congratulations! If you scored a few "no's" don't worry. You can start taking the handbrake off for your child today. Start improving yourself in the easiest areas for you to tackle. You'll be building your child's self-esteem and her character too. Guess what? Your child will love you for it.


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