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Self-Esteem ~ 10 Chores for Your Middle School Child

By Jean Tracy, MSS

A Mother's Quote:

"I like hugs and I like kisses,
but what I really love is help with the dishes!" – Author unknown

3 Ways to Rob Your Child of Self-Esteem:

Don't expect your child to contribute to the family by doing his chores. Set him apart. Let him become lazy, self-centered and ill-tempered. Let him lock himself in his bedroom with his computer, TV, and video games.

Don't take the time to teach your daughter how to do chores. Make her weak, dependent on you, and unable to take proper care of herself. Not knowing how to wash and iron her clothes or fix a simple meal will increase her dependence on you. Go ahead and do the chores she ought to do.

Don't expect your son to become a helpful productive person. Let him get out of washing the dinner pots and pans and doing his homework. Let him go out with his friends instead.

3 Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Your Middle School Kids through Chores:

Chores teach your daughter the self-discipline she needs to complete activities and reach her goals. By telling her, "First do your chores then call your friend," gives her the self-discipline she needs to be successful.

Chores, when completed, offer your child a sense of accomplishment. Walking into a clean bedroom can be a pleasant experience. Your child might even think, "This feels good. I'm glad I cleaned it."

Chores increase your son's sense of order. Becoming productive and reaching goals takes a sense of order. When he's looking for his completed book report he'll easily find it on top of his neat desk. He'll experience first-hand the beauty and power of order.

Self-Esteem ~ 10 Age- Appropriate Chores for Your Middle School Child:

    Start dinner
    Wash pots and pans
    Clean kitty litter
    Mow lawn
    Clean Garage
    Mop kitchen and bathroom
    Wash, fold, iron, and put away clothes
    Walk the dog

Raising Your Children's Self-Esteem through Chores:

Open the way to a brighter future for your children. Provide them chores for developing their sense of order, self-discipline, and feelings of accomplishment. If you do, future opportunities for success will come their way. In the end, even your children will appreciate your parenting.

One more thing, as the parent you have the challenge and the opportunity to raise excellent kids. In spite of their grumbles, teach your children how to do their chores. Make sure they complete them. Be kind, firm, and consistent too.


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