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Self-Esteem ~ Age-Appropriate Chores that Build Character in Kids

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Are your kids a bit lazy? Do they expect you to do everything? Would you like them to help? Inside you'll find 3 mistakes many parents make, 3 solutions, and a list of age-appropriate chores for early elementary-age children.

Childhood Wisdom:

"Ron and Nathan wouldn't help their mother around the house. She tried to shame them by saying, "I do things for you. 90 percent of what I do is for others." Ron, 6, asked, "But why aren't you giving the other 10 percent, too?" - Kidwarmers

Ron's mother had the right idea in wanting her boys to help. Unfortunately, many mothers beg their kids to help them with similar responses.

3 Parenting Mistakes with Lazy Kids:

    Failing to teach kids how to do their chores
    Failing to post a list of age-appropriate chores on the refrigerator
    Failing to inspect the work when it is done

3 Parenting Solutions:

Work alongside your children and teach them how to do their chores. It takes time in the beginning but saves time in the end.

Post a list of age-appropriate chores on the refrigerator. It helps kids remember what they must do as members of the family. When your children complete their age-appropriate chores, they'll achieve a sense of mastery, competence, and accomplishment.

Inspect those chores. Knowing you'll inspect their work, let's your children know that you expect the chores to be done and done well. This promotes a sense of responsibility in your children too.

What are Age-Appropriate Chores?

Age-appropriate chores fit your child's age and ability. With some training by you, they are chores your child can master. For instance a pre-school child can't fix dinner but, with help, an 11-year-old child can.

Age-Appropriate Chores for Your Young Children:

    Dress in matching clothes.
    Make the bed.
    Fix cold cereal.
    Set the table for dinner.
    Clear the table.
    Bring dirty dishes to the sink.
    Feed the pets.
    Put dirty clothes in the laundry room.

Teaching your children to do their chores, teaches them a sense of competence, self-esteem, responsibility, and character. It saves you time and energy. Everybody wins.

Summary for Self-Esteem and Chores:

To prevent lazy children, become a responsible parent. Don't be like Ron's mother and do 90 percent of the household work. Teach your children to be responsible'. List their age-appropriate chores on the refrigerator. Assign them their chores, and inspect their work. If you do you'll be bringing out the best in your children. You'll be building self-esteem, responsibility, and character too.


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