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6 Self-Esteem Affirmations ~ Use Today and Build Confidence in Your Kids!

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Do your children have the self-esteem they need for achieving their goals? Would you like to boost their self-esteem with character and confidence? Inside you'll find 6 affirmations you can use today for building self-esteem in your kids.

Self-Esteem Quote from Lady Bird Johnson:

Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of President Lynden Johnson, once said,

"Children are apt to live up to what you believe in them."

As a parent, your power to influence your children is enormous. You don't want to break down your child's self-esteem with negative feedback. But how do you build up his self-esteem? Below are 6 affirmations you can use to build your child's confidence and character.

When putting your child to bed, affirm him with your words. Consider saying:

    "You're a loving person because you helped your sister with her homework."
    "You're a good sport because you stayed positive when you lost at cards."
    "You're a brave person because you try new dives at the swimming pool."

Observe your child. Find an honest positive behavior each day with which to compliment him. Use this simple method. You'll like the results.

Tell him to affirm himself before he falls asleep:

    "I'm a loving person because I help my sister."
    "I'm a good sport when I play games."
    "I'm brave because I try new dives at the swimming pool."

Tell your child to pick one affirmation to tell himself. He can choose any affirmation you told him or pick something else. Make sure it's short and completely positive. It's a wonderful way for him to fall asleep. With self-esteem affirmations, he'll reach his goals too.

Build your child's self-esteem by teaching him how to turn his negative thoughts into positive beliefs. Tell him your honest affirmation. Then tell him to see, sense, and say his own affirmation before he falls asleep. You'll enjoy the results because you'll be raising his confidence and building his character too.


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