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Concentration Problems ~ 3 Parenting Habits that Discourage Attention Span in Kids

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Is concentration a problem for your child? Is she failing in school? Would you like a short checklist of what not to do? Inside you'll find three parenting habits you'll want to avoid.

Attention Span Quote:

"I don't have a short attention span, I just…Oh, look a kitty!" – Teesed.com

If this sounds like your child, she may have poor concentration. Why not look at your own behaviors to see if you discourage paying attention. You might even have to change some behaviors to insure your kids will learn in school.

Consider Avoiding These Three Concentration Problems:

1. Distracting Home Life ~

    Turn the television on loud all day.
    Shout instead of talk.
    Allow kids to run through the house.
    Keep no schedules.
    Enforce no rules.

Does the above list give you a headache? Can you imagine yourself being able to concentrate? If your answer is "no," then it's even harder for your child. Think about deleting the above distractions.

2. Being Impatient When Helping with Homework ~

    Scold your child for not paying attention.
    Yell at your child for wrong homework answers.
    Threaten your child if she doesn't do her work correctly.

Have you ever had a mean boss? If so, how did you feel? Were you scared, resentful, or rebellious? When you're cranky with your kids, they can't concentrate. Think about changing your impatience to patience.

3. Discouraging Your Child ~

    Pile on more homework than the teacher assigned.
    Demand the homework is completed without providing enough time.
    Refuse to help when your child needs it.

Have you ever been stressed by too much work? Did you feel discouraged? Realize that your child will feel discouraged too. She'll want to givie up. Think about encouraging your child instead.

Concentration Summary:

Raising kids with reasonable schedules in a calm home sets the stage for concentration skills. Patience, helpfulness, and encouragement increase your child's attention span. Don't get caught in the trap of fighting with your kids over homework. Develop the parenting habits you need to help your kids succeed. You'll be building character too.


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