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Social Skills for Kids ~ Parenting Advice for Handling Bullies Who Tease Your Kids

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Parenting can be difficult when your child is bullied, teased, and fears being called, "Tattletale." Inside you'll find 7 pieces of parenting advice to help your child handle bullies, increase social skills, and build character too.

"The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground." — Unknown

Did you know that the National Education Association estimates that 160,000 children skip school every day? Why? They fear being bullied by other students. To grow strong like the mighty oak, your little "nut" needs to stand his ground. You can help him do just that.

7 Pieces of Parenting Advice for Helping Your Child Deal with Bullies:

First Parenting Advice:

Tell your child that no one has the right to bully him. He needs to believe this before becoming a "mighty oak."

Second Parenting Advice:

If your child wants you to contact the school authorities, do so. One parent told me his wife emailed the teacher and the principal about the situation. It worked. Many schools have a "no bullying policy" and will take action to stop the bully.

Third Parenting Advice:

Tell your child to ask the teacher to create a Bully Box for the class. Its purpose is to help classmates discuss their problems and opinions about bullies. For instance, they might write:

How do I get the boys on the playground to quite teasing me?
Why do kids laugh when bullies hurts other kids?
Is telling on a bully being a tattletale?

Fourth Parenting Advice:

Since there is safety in numbers, tell your child to stay with his friends. Bullies will have a harder time getting to him.

Fifth Parenting Advice:

When your child sees the bully coming, tell your child to walk away. With this advice, your child might walk toward the playground teacher.

Sixth Parenting Advice:

Tell your child to ignore the bully when possible. Your child should act like the bully isn't there. His goal is to upset your child. He won't achieve his goal if your child ignores him. Consider role-playing the bully with your child.

Seventh Parenting Advice:

When teased, kids naturally feel upset. Tell your child to appear confident instead. This prevents bullies from the satisfaction of being in control. Consider role-playing this too.

Social Skills Conclusion:

Handling bullies is a social skill. Your child will have to deal with difficult people for the rest of his life. Bullies are difficult people. Learning how to deal with bullies in childhood prepares your child for handling future difficult people. In this way, your "little nut" will grow into the mighty person he was meant to be. He'll be building character too.


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