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Goal Setting for Kids – 3 Character Building Keys for Raising Winners

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Kids who reach their goals with character are winners. Inside you'll find the 3 key goals for driving your child's destiny, mastering her thoughts, and molding her character. Find out how you can raise a winner today.

Agenda for Building Character and Raising Winners:

Our recent newsletters and articles shared how to use words, pictures, and feelings to create goals.

Today we'll look at a quote from Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb.

We'll also combine all three keys for creating winning goals.

Parenting Tip from Thomas Alva Edison:

"What a man's mind can create, man's character can control."

Remember the wicked Queen who poisoned Snow White with an apple? Her hateful thoughts created her wicked character.

Parents, the sum of your child's thoughts create his character. Why not teach your child to chose character building goals and reject poisonous thoughts? Try goal setting for kids. It transforms poisonous thinking into positive words, pictures, and feelings.

Parenting Tips – Combining the 3 Keys with an Example:

Let's say your Molly wants to be a cheerleader. She's good at gymnastics and dance. But when you encourage her, she whines "I get too nervous. I'll never make the team. Tarah and Jeni are much better." Molly's poisonous thoughts will create what she thinks - failure. You can help Molly turn her thoughts around. Here's how:

First goal setting key – the words:

Tell Molly to create a positive sentence beginning with the two words I AM. These two words keep her thoughts in the present tense as if she is achieving her cheerleading goal right now. Perhaps her sentence will be - I AM cheering to the rhythm of the music. Now it's time to add the picture.

Second goal setting key – the picture:

Encourage Molly to imagine what she will see outward from her eyes while trying out. Perhaps she'll see the judges, the stands, and some kids. Remember Molly must not be looking at herself in her imagination. This could increase her nervousness. Tell Molly to step into her picture and see what's in front of her.

Third goal setting key – the feelings:

Now it's time for creating the feelings Molly would like to have. Tell Molly to sense the positive feelings she wants to experience while performing. Maybe she wants to feel the rhythm of the cheers, a sense of confidence or both. Whatever positive feelings Molly chooses, tell her to experience them now.

Goal Setting Conclusion:

That's it. The words, the pictures, and the feelings create a powerful goal-setting force. Now all Molly needs to do is put them together in one clear moment. Tell Molly to practice that clear moment each day before she falls asleep and before she rises in the morning.

Whenever your child wants to achieve something, tell her to create it in her mind first. That's the best place to control it. That's the best place to achieve a winning attitude. That's the best place to become the driver of her destiny, the master of her thoughts, and the molder of her character. Why not raise a winner today?


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