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Goal Setting for Kids - 2 Character Building Secrets for Mastering Goals

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Is your child the victim of her feelings? Is she discouraged? Why not teach her to master her feelings when setting her goals? Inside you'll find 2 character building secrets to help her do both.

Today's Agenda for Mastering Feelings, Building Character, and Reaching Goals:

Our recent newsletters and articles told us how to use words and pictures to create goals.
Today we'll look at a quote from Helen Keller, a heroic optimistic and social activist who happened to be blind, deaf, and mute.
We'll also learn the role of feelings in building character and achieving goals.

Parenting Tip from Helen Keller:

"Optimism is the father that leads to achievement."

Just as rain flows from dark clouds, troublesome feelings flow from dark thoughts. Helen Keller knew that her feelings flowed from thoughts. She also knew how to create the bright optimistic feelings that led to her success. Goal-setting offers us a proven method.

Parenting Tips – 2 Character Building Secrets for Mastering Feelings, Thoughts and Goals:

First character building secret:

Let's say your Tiffany is taking a math test. She doesn't like math. Even though you've helped her master the material, she thinks she'll flunk the test. Since optimism leads to achievement, ask Tiffany what's the best feeling to have while taking the test. Make sure she picks the feeling. You can make suggestions though, like the word FOCUSED. Tiffany might not like that word and choose the word, CALM. If it is her word, her sentence might sound like this:

I am feeling calm and getting the answers.

Second Character Building Secret:

Many people think in pictures. Let's say Tiffany does too. That means Tiffany's feelings will flow from her picture. Since she chose the word CALM, her picture needs to be calm too. Perhaps her picture will be the top of her desk with a sharp pencil, a good eraser, and the test. Notice she is not looking at herself in the picture. She is looking outward at what she would see when taking the test.

Goal Setting Conclusion:

Goal setting isn't difficult when your child steps into a positive picture with an optimistic feeling. Encourage her to practice it every day before she falls asleep at night and before she rises each morning. Practicing each day will give her the greatest opportunity for mastering feelings, achieving goals and building character too.


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