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Goal-Setting for Kids ~ These Two Little Words Work!

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Goal setting works when you teach your kids two simple words. Imagine not hearing "I can't." Imagine your children feeling proud of their accomplishments. Inside you'll learn the two words that will help your kids achieve their goals and build character too. This is the second article in our goal-setting series.

Achieving Goals Boosts Confidence in Kids:

In our last article, "Parenting Skills ~ How Goal-Setting Words Motivate Winners and Build Character in Kids," we showed the importance of teaching your child to analyze self- defeating stories. We wanted your child to understand the importance of positive self-talk for reaching his goals. In this article, we'll add a parenting technique for creating a goal-setting sentence. You'll learn the two magic words your child must insert to achieve his goals.

5 Parenting Tips for Teaching the Two Simple Words:

  • Create private time with your child.
  • Discuss a goal she'd like to achieve.
  • Find out how willing she is to work for it.
  • Develop a positive sentence with her for achieving that goal.
  • Make sure it begins with the two little words.

The Goal-Setting Words that Work:

Many motivators tell people to say, "I want" in their goal sentence. Please don't. From my 22 years of child and family counseling and from Lou Tice, the great motivator, I taught a different phrase. Every adult and every child I ever worked with achieved success with these two little words, "I am." Lou Tice, in his motivational films, advises keeping the goal-setting sentence in the present tense. The phrase "I am" does just that. This means getting your child to imagine her goal as if she already has achieved it.

Parenting Advice – Consider These 3 Models When Teaching Goal-Setting Sentences:

Johnny has to present a class report on baseball. He is nervous. You help him create his goal-setting sentence.
Johnny's sentence – "I am seeing my class listen with interest." Notice that Johnny's sentence is present tense.

Mary Ellen is the star of her school play. When she thinks about performing she becomes sick to her stomach. You help her create her goal-setting sentence.
Mary Ellen's sentence – "I am saying my lines loud and clear."

Tyler will be taking a math test. He gets confused when he takes tests. You help him create his goal-setting sentence.
Tyler's sentence – "I am thinking straight and getting the answers."

Boost your child's confidence with two simple words. By beginning his goal-setting sentence with "I am," he'll be reaching his goals and building character too.

Our next article, in this goal-setting series, teaches the importance of goal-setting stories and pictures.


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