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Goal-Setting for Kids ~ How This Self-Talk Technique Raises Achieving Kids

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Do goal-setting discussions with your kids turn into moans and groans?" Are you frustrated with your child's negative attitude? Inside you'll find a story with questions that will help her change.

Goal Setting Words Require Positive Thinking:

Do you talk inside your head? Everybody does, even your child. If she won't try new things, set goals, and gives up easily, chances are her inner talk is negative. Below is a method for tuning into her negative voice and turning the dial to "I can."

3 Parenting Tips for Encouraging Goal-Setting Words:

  • Create a story in which the main character says "I can't."
  • Get your child to analyze the character's problem.
  • Discuss the results.

Increase Your Parenting Skills with Stories Like This One:

Kylie spends most of her time moping around the house. She says, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do." Her mom tells her, "Go make friends with the new neighbor girl across the street. Kylie sighs, "I can't. I don't know how. She won't like me."

Consider Discussing Kylie's Self-talk with the Following Questions:

  • What words does Kylie use to avoid making friends?
  • What other discouraging words do you think Kylie tells herself?
  • What advice would you give Kylie about her self-talk?
  • What specific words would you suggest she use?
  • If Kylie listened to you, how might she change?

Creating a story for your child to solve is called vicarious learning, meaning she learns from other's mistakes, in this case, Kylie's. By using such stories like Kylie's often, you'll help your child turn off her negative voice. You'll see her follow her own good advice.

Enjoy your story times with your child. Praise her for her understanding, her solutions, and her advice. Your kind words will encourage her to turn the dial to, "I can." You'll be an effective parent. You'll be building character too.

Our next article will show how to help kids create their own motivating pictures.


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