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How Thought Stopping Turns Whining Kids into Winning Thinkers!

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Is raising kids a challenge for you? Do you blame yourself when your kids pout about chores like setting the table, feeding the dog, and cleaning their rooms? Do they say things like, "It's not fair, I can't, and nobody likes me?"

The Thought Stopping resource below builds better attitudes in kids

I remember how my grandmother whined. Everything was awful. Everyday my mother would plead with Grandma saying, "Mom, just for once look on the bright side." My grandmother had been a beauty with plenty to be thankful for but she died an unhappy, lonely old woman. Don't let this happen to your children. You have the ability to raise positive thinkers. Thought Stopping is the answer.

You are in a unique position to counsel your children.

You love your children with the wonder of a parent's heart. You have the ability to influence their thoughts. You can change your whiners into winners.

Thoughts direct our minds

Like the engineer of a train, thoughts decide where to go, how to get there, and how long to stay. Your kids' negative thoughts are driven by the engineer of negative attitudes. Such thinking can train your kids to feel helpless, resentful, and lazy. Your job is to teach your children to pick the attitudes that drive them toward successful living. Thought Stopping will help you.

Thought Stopping teaches positive thinking by helping your children:

  • Make the decision to be a happy person.
  • Create positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts.
  • Understand that negative thinking leads to unhappiness.

Thought Stopping is a process that:

  • Catches negative thoughts when they occur.
  • Ends them immediately.
  • Turns negative thoughts into positive attitudes.

Because you are the parent, you have the ability to influence your kids' attitudes. You don't need to give sermons on positive thinking. You do need to discuss the Thought Stopping process with your kids. When you teach your kids to develop positive thinking patterns, you teach them to become successful.

Don't face whiners, pouters, and complainers after working all day. Enjoy laughter, and co-operation instead. All it takes is counseling your whining kids into winning thinkers. Use Thought Stopping! You'll be building character too.


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