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5 Parenting Tips: How to Raise Persistent Successful Children

By Jean Tracy, MSS

How do you know if you're teaching persistence? If you're children resolve to keep trying when dropping a ball, solving a math problem, or completing a puzzle, you're on the right path. Watching them struggle and succeed should make you proud. But how do you teach them to persist?

I recently spoke with a mother of 3 successful adults. They included a police officer, an aspiring Navy Seal, and a naval officer. I marveled at their accomplishments and asked her, "How did you motivate them to become such high achievers?" She eagerly responded with these parenting strategies.

5 Parenting Techniques for Inspiring Kids to Persevere:

1. We told them, "You can be anything you want to be."
2. We praised them for their efforts.
3. We bragged in front of them to others about their triumphs.
4. We asked them to explain how they accomplished something they struggled with.
5. We believed in them.

How Perseverance Helped Open Doors

I also had the opportunity to talk to the mother's youngest. She had joined the Navy's ROTC in college and never shied away from difficult science courses. During school breaks the Navy sent her to other countries to help with projects for the poor. This gave her a "helpers high" and furthered her motivation to be an effective person.

In talking to the daughter, I found she never bragged about herself but spoke easily about her achievements when asked. She now looks forward to attending a Navy specialty school in nuclear power. Clearly her persistence in facing challenges has opened doors for her.

I asked the daughter, "If you could give advice to college-bound students, what would you tell them?"

"Take your freshman year seriously. Focus on your studies. My friends who drank and partied couldn't make up for their low grades from that first year," she answered.

Belief Is the Key to Your Child's Determination

Rather than rescuing, wise parents let their children face difficulties. They know overprotection sends kids the message, "You're so weak. You can't handle this by yourself."

Youngsters, who learn to persist at an early age, feel their parents' respect. They get the message, "You can do this. I believe in you." Because of this belief, they keep trying. Failures don't discourage them because they see themselves as competent people.

The 5 Benefits for Training Children to Believe in Themselves:

1. They develop the habit of persistence.
2. They like challenges.
3. They don't give up easily in the face of failure.
4. They experience many successes.
5. They feel confident and competent.

Conclusion for Raising Children to Be Persistent and Successful

Praise, encouragement, and belief in your children build the foundation for persistence, determination, and success. If you offer these gifts consistently, you are on the right path. Use the 5 ways to inspire your kids to keep trying, and they'll experience the 5 rewards for believing in themselves.


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