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Money-Making: How to Teach Kids to Become Business Owners

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Teaching children how to make money and build their own business is easy. But if getting them out of bed is like coaching cows to fly, don't bother. So how do you motivate your youngsters? Today you'll find 3 motivation techniques, 4 fun jobs for your kids, and 4 tips for creating customer loyalty.

3 Ways for Motivating Kids

1. Hold a family brainstorming session to come up with positive mottoes promoting work like, "We live to give and love to work!" Post them on the fridge and repeat them often. When the meeting is over, play a family game.

2. Post great sayings. Go to Google and type in ‘Work Ethic Quotes'. Choose short pithy ones that share positive values.

3. Read and discuss inspiring stories about hard-working people who succeeded.

Fun Jobs Your Kids Might Like

1. Tutoring

If your child does well in school and would enjoy helping younger children who are struggling, perhaps he could help with:

Science or social study projects

Tip for Doing Something Extra to Promote Loyal Customers:

Motivate the child by spending one-on-one time doing what he would like when the tutoring time is over.

2. House and Pet-Sitting

Do you have neighbors who go on vacations? If your child likes pets, she could:

Feed, walk, and play with their dog
Pick up their mail and newspapers
Put garbage cans on the curb for the weekly pick-up truck
Water the garden

Tip for Doing Something Extra:

Before the customer returns, pick a vase of fresh flowers to put on the kitchen counter with a welcome home sign.

3. Garage Sales

Have children in your neighborhood outgrown their toys? Are their garages overflowing? Help your child organize garage sales for:

Video games
Comic books

Tip for Doing Something Extra:

Sweep the driveways of neighbors who donated to the garage sale.

4. Babysitting Assistant

If you're a young babysitter, become an assistant to mothers who have a home business. By watching the little tots, moms can focus on their work but they'll be handy if needed.

Tip for Doing Something Extra:

Bring a special toy from home to share with the youngster.

Kids' Checklist for Making Money

1. Create a simple budget system like a spreadsheet for cash-in and cash-out.

2. Produce attractive flyers with the name of your business, the services you offer, your rate for each service, and phone number.

3. Post your flyers on local bulletin boards and hand them out to neighbors and friends. Have parents check out prospective customers for safety.

4. Ask your parents to check out your state laws regarding child labor, licenses, or taxes.

Summary for Helping Kids to Become Business Owners

By motivating your children to form their own enterprise with mottoes, quotes, and stories, you won't have to pull them out of bed or teach cows to fly.

Brainstorm different services with your children. Advise them to offer low rates because of their age and skills. Teach them an easy budget system to keep track of their funds.

Once they've chosen their businesses screen their flyers; choose where to post them, and check out their customers to make sure your kids will be safe.

Make sure their business complies with state laws.

To create loyal customers encourage your children to do something extra for them.

By helping your children become business owners, you'll be showing them how to be go-getters with impressive life skills. They'll enjoy making money too.


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