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Family Values - How Parents with Character Raise Children with Character

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Will your children grow up with your family values? Do you worry how they might turn out? Let's find out how your values influence their values.

Parenting with family values that build character is achievable! Below are specific family values all parents need when raising kids. Why not let these be your values too?

As a family counselor for over 20 years, I've seen the problems when children act without values. According to research, every 7 minutes a child is arrested for a violent crime. This doesn't need to be your child.

Recently, I visited the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. I was drawn to their mural about character. Here's a quote from that mural:

The most successful people achieve great successes in their lives because they live the highest standards of:

  • Integrity
  • Service, and
  • Excellence

This Air Force Academy quote can easily apply to family values

Let's change that quote to, "The most successful parents achieve great successes in their parenting because they live by the highest family values of

  • Integrity
  • Service, and
  • Excellence"

How to teach family values with integrity:

  • Do what you promise.
  • Avoid drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Speak truthfully and with respect to your spouse and family.
Children feel secure when you act with integrity.

How to teach family values with service:

  • Help your children with homework.
  • Pick your children up from activities.
  • Attend your children's games.
  • Protect your children from harm.
  • Attend your children's parent/teacher conferences.

Children feel comfortable and confident when you provide caring service.

How to teach family values with excellence:

  • Support each member physically and emotionally.
  • Encourage successful attitudes in family members.
  • Communicate with respect within the family

Children grow when you act with excellence.

You can parent with family values and build character too when you:

  • Model integrity.
  • Model service.
  • Model excellence.

Your children don't have to become statistics. Be the parent you always wanted to be. Be a parent with character.


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