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How Parents Build Character in Kids with Heartfelt Words

By Jean Tracy, MSS

When you build character in the hearts of your children with kind words, you are like a light switch. You brighten your child's world. To find out how, you'll need 2 special elements, praise and heartfelt words. Let's find out how both are important and what they have to do with self-esteem.

Building Character with Praise

When you compliment your child, you give him that inner glow that tells him, "I'm so fine." Your child loves comments that are specific, positive, and true.

Here are some examples you might like to use:

1. "I'm pleased that you do your homework before you play."
2. "I like how you swept the garage and straightened the tools."
3. "Thank you for weeding the garden and getting it ready to plant the strawberries."
4. "You make Rover so happy when you walk him. I love watching you play with him too."
5. "I like the way you set the table with the napkin under the fork."

Approval increases your children's desire to please you. It also pleases your children because it acknowledges the good things they do. Kids, like adults, love to know they are appreciated.

If you create the mindset to look for the good your children do, you'll find it. Of course, you're not going to overdo it about actions not worth mentioning. Avoid making your words meaningless. Your children recognize unearned glory.

Character Grows with Heartfelt Words

Besides praise which notices the good things kids do, there are words that touch the core of your child. They are also positive and true. They have the power to motivate your child's belief in his self-worth. Affectionate words can be even stronger than praise.

Here Are Some Tender Words You Might Want to Use:

1. "You are the perfect child for me."
2. "I look forward to spending time with you."
3. "You are sunshine in my life."
4. "You make my heart smile."
5. "Your mind is a treasure."
6. "You are such a good person."
7. "You have a loving heart."
8. "Your spirit is bright and strong."
9. "I'm proud to be your mother (father)."
10. "Thank you for being you."

These words warm his heart and let him know how important he is to you. Say them when you're snacking together, working on a puzzle, or waiting in line. Say them without a special reason. Let them express your true feelings.

Loving words let your child know you believe in him. Then he can believe in himself.

Conclusion for Words That Touch the Heart

It's not difficult to build character when you appreciate your children. Praise reinforces your kids' positive habits. Heartfelt words teach them to believe in themselves. Use praise and loving words that are positive, true, and build self-esteem. Remember you'll be switching on the light to brighten your child's world. You'll be strengthening the bonds of trust, closeness with you, and building character too.


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