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Build Character and Motivate Kids with 3 Little Rhymes!

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Raising motivated kids with character-building rhymes can be powerful. Why? Positive rhymes motivate but negative thoughts irritate.

Today you'll receive 3 motivational rhymes, 3 brainstorming one-liners, and how to teach self-talk rhyming to your children.

Your Child's Lead Ball and Chain

Imagine your child carrying a lead ball and chain into school, relationships, and chores. Negative thoughts are that ball and chain if your child thinks:

1. I hate school.
2. I hate those kids.
3. I hate chores

Children learn to try simple tasks, give up on hard ones, and complain. Such a ball-and-chain attitude becomes a habit and poisons their young minds. No parent wants this for their children. What can be done? Keep reading.

How Self-Talk Rhymes Build Character

Positive 2-line poems help your children keep trying. These rhymes become the seeds that grow into strong "can-do" minds. They become the self-talk in your child's daily thinking and they build character.

I taught this rhyme to my granddaughter:

"Hip, hip, hooray,
I tried today!"

Now she automatically says it aloud and gives me a high 5 whenever she tries something difficult. It tickles me inside to see her enthusiasm.

3 Self-Talk Rhymes that Motivate and Build Character

1. Some kids complain about homework. They don't realize that successful kids don't like it either. The difference is that positive thinkers don't give up. If you have a complainer, consider turning him around by often repeating aloud this self-talk rhyme:

Doing homework can be fun,
When I've tried and when I'm done.

This rhyme paints a positive picture of effort and completion. It could help unlock that ball and chain that complainers often drag throughout their lives.

2. Some children fight with siblings, neighbor kids, and classmates. They lack social skills and use fighting to get their way. Here's a rhyme that when repeated often, might help them loosen their ball and chain:

I don't argue and I don't fight,
Getting along is what feels right.

This poem creates positive feelings and motivates kids to get along. With it you can discuss ideas for making friends.

3. Other children hate chores and drag their feet like a ball and chain. They hope their parents will do the work for them. Sometimes their work is so sloppy that parents take over. This poem, when repeated often, could help:

When I put away my toys,
It makes for tidy girls and boys.

This rhyme promotes organizational skills when parents point out that being tidy helps finding toys later.

The Motivational Key for Building Character

When kids repeat positive rhymes, those rhymes become the thoughts that mold their attitudes throughout their lives. The key is the repetition inside their heads. It shapes their character too.

Your Parenting Action Step

At dinner give your family a one-liner to rhyme. Explain that the second line must be positive and easy to say and remember. Members can work together in creating the rhyme. Post the rhyme on the refrigerator


For the next several dinners ask:

1. Who used the rhyme?
2. What was the situation?
3. Has everyone had time to speak.

From then on, repeat the rhyme aloud whenever you need it so your children hear you. This will encourage them to keep using it for themselves.

3 One-Liners for Family Members to Rhyme

1. Say "Excuse me, Thank you, and Please,"
2. My body and mind are very strong,
3. When I go to bed and rest,

Have fun as your family comes up with the second line for each.

Conclusion for Self-Talk Rhymes that Motivate Kids

Teach this fun method to your children. You'll be building character in their thoughtful minds and loving hearts. And remember:

Building character is fine,
When you teach a self-talk rhyme!


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