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5 Parenting Mistakes: How Kids Learn to Disrespect You

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Did you know kids learn to disrespect parents who are too kind? If you already treat your child like a princess, you know what I mean.Let's learn the mistakes and then the solutions leading to character.

I remember a young teen in my family counseling practice, who told me what she thought of her mother.

"I hate that..." She used the "B" word. Then she muttered, "She's such a wimp."

Her mother complained, "I don't know why she treats me like this. Since she was little, I've given her everything she wants." BINGO!

Parents, Here Are 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid:

1. Give your daughter everything she wants.
2. Give it to her quickly, especially if she screams, pouts, or whines.
3. Act like her every wish is your command.
4. Don't expect anything from her.
5. Do her chores for her too.

And that's exactly what this mother did. Believe it or not, many people parent like the above mother. They keep trying to make their kids happy. But it never works. Do such parents have a discipline problem? Are they too kind and not firm? Certainly!

When You're Too Kind and Not Firm, Your Child Will:

• Scream, pout, and whine
• Do only what she wants
• Disrespect you
• Expect you to serve her
• Expect others to serve her too

When your child acts superior to others, they won't like her.
When your child tells others to serve her, they'll feel angry.
When your child continues to throw temper tantrums at age 22, she'll earn the same
disrespect she gives you.

It's easy to raise a princess. Just give her everything she wants.

Conclusion: Parenting Solutions Leading to Character

Listen; if you require your child to be responsible, do chores, work hard in school, pay for her extras, and treat you with respect, you'll be traveling the road for successful parents. It isn't always easy but raising a princess is full of personal pain for you and your child.

Why not travel the "Kind and Firm" road. If you do, you'll be helping your child become a happy, well-adjusted person with a positive character.


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