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Boost Your Child's Social Conscience ~ Use These 3 Parenting Solutions

By Jean Tracy, MSS

Does your child's social conscience need a boost? Does he mainly think about what he wants and needs? If so, you can boost his social conscience to think about others with the 3 solutions below.

How Can You Tell If Your Child Has a Social Conscience?

1. He'll tend to understand others through their eyes.
2. He'll care about others.
3. He'll want to help others.

If the victim of a bully cries, he'll understand the tears. If a classmate is poor at sports, he might encourage him. If a team mate falls down, he'll help him up. If this is your child, congratulate yourself. You're raising a child with a social conscience.

How Can You Help Your Child Develop a Social Conscience?

A child with a weak social conscience doesn't look through others' eyes. He finds it hard to understand how another child thinks or feels. He won't care about helping either. Instead he may want to be popular, tough, or powerful. It's our job, as parents, to help him care about others.

Parenting Tips ~ 3 Social Conscience Understandings Your Child Needs:

1. Other kids have feelings and are important too.
2. Helpfulness trumps selfishness.
3. Kindness wins hearts.

To achieve these 3 understandings, your child must look outward toward others. He must feel for others. So how can you help?

Parenting Tips ~ Boost Social Conscience with These 3 Solutions:

1. Ask appropriate questions from everyday life

Listen to the stories your child brings home about other children. Ask social conscience questions like:

. How do you think the hurt child felt?
. How would you feel if that happened to you?
. What advice would you give to kids who hurt other kids?

Your child's answers to these questions will boost his social conscience.

2. Teach thought-stopping

Help your child rid himself of mean, critical, or revengeful thoughts. This frees him from negative thinking, bullying tendencies, and angry feelings. Thought stopping is a technique that switches heavy negative thoughts to more powerful positive thoughts. It promotes balance, caring, and a social conscience too.

3. Role-play social skills

By teaching your child to see events through the eyes of others, your child more easily learns important social skills like:

- Asking questions to get others to talk about their interests

Help your child see how this skill appeals to others. Tell him that everyone loves to talk about themselves. He'll make friends with his questions too.

- Listening with interest to what other kids say

Help your child realize that listening well inhibits interrupting and promotes self-discipline. Other kids will like your child for being interested and for making them feel important.

- Praising others for the good they do

Help your kids realize everyone grows with encouragement. By finding the good in others, he'll be focusing on them and developing a caring social conscience.

Conclusion: Parenting Tips for Building a Social Conscience in Your Kids

You have the power to build a social conscience in your kids. Help your child understand others through their eyes. Ask the right questions, teach thought stopping, and role play important social skills too.

If you do, you'll be teaching essential life skills. Your child will lead a meaningful life with a healthy social conscience all because you cared.


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